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New Year, New Schedule: 4 Reasons To Request A Sitter or Driver in KangaDo


Happy 2015, KangaDo Parents! In San Francisco and just found out your child’s sports practice is at the other end of town?

Make the rest of the year easy by scheduling safe and friendly childcare and rides for your kid in KangaDo. Here are 4 reasons why you can make your childcare or ride request with peace of mind:

    1. You need help with scheduling – and we have trustworthy helpers!
      Whether it’s weekly afterschool pickup or Valentine’s Day date night, our sitters are here to help. They are caring individuals with years of childcare experience and spotless background/reference checks. NEW! Receive a free trial run and sitter interview with your first request.


    1. Make a request in under 30 seconds.
      We timed it – it’s that easy and fast! Both childcare and ride requests can be recurring or occasional.


    1. Our tools give you peace of mind.
      Chat messaging, photo sharing, real time location tracking, and timely notifications give you easy access to updates during your entire booking.


  1. No cash? No problem.
    Pay your sitter via credit card through the app. No need to worry about carrying cash or last minute rushing to the ATM.

Ready to unload some of your to do’s?

Interested SF Parents:
Download KangaDo app and sign up here to join our beta service waitlist. If you have an immediate need, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you and help out!

Already a KangaDo beta user?
Make a request with these simple steps: How Do I Make a Childcare or Ride Request?

Happy Hopping from the KangaDo Team!

If you have any questions, email us at support@kangadoapp.com.

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