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Say ‘Thanks’ to your Child’s Teachers! Cheddar Up Makes Holiday Teacher Gifts Quick and Easy


Happy Thanksgiving!

With the flurry of holiday activities, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything we need to do. But thanking the dedicated, hardworking and inspirational teachers in our children’s lives is too important to miss!

Teachers often spend more time with our kids during the school week, than we parents do. We can all remember the special teachers in our own lives – and our kids’ teachers will have a lasting impact on their lives, too.

So, if there’s a way to make holiday teacher gifts quick and easy, we’ll take it!

That’s why we are excited to share a great shortcut from our friends at Cheddar Up. Hundreds of schools use Cheddar Up to collect for all-class teacher gifts. That means no more writing checks to multiple people, sending money to school in your child’s backpack, or tracking down the room parent.

How it works:

  • One parent simply registers for Cheddar Up, links their PayPal account, and creates a custom collection page.
  • Then other parents just click on the link…and they’re done! What we really like is that collecting money is always free, and paying with a PayPal balance or a bank account linked to PayPal is free for the payer.
  • Schools can also include their entire staff. This way no one is forgotten and it’s extra simple for families. Each staff member can purchase a SCRIP gift card of their choice with the donations. Who knew that you could turn teacher holiday giving into a mini fundraiser?

Go ahead, say “Thanks!” Check it out www.cheddarup.com, and let us know your best ideas for teacher holiday gifts!

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